Konjac face wash sponge Komachi

The secret to cleansing the pores. The answer was water and konjac.


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The power of nature and your power

Konjac facial cleansing that changes the common sense of facial cleansing.

​ Face-wash sponge "Komachi"

Naturally derived your original skin

​ Clean with the power of konjac.

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Rare organic konjac

Komachi is all rare domestic organic konjac. Made from naturally derived ingredients.

After use, it returns to the soil, where konjac grows and becomes a sponge again. And it is a sustainable sponge that returns to the soil once it has the role of cleaning the skin.


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Gentle on the skin and removes dirt

The surface of the sponge, which is swollen with plenty of water, is surrounded by a film of weakly alkaline water.

It neutralizes and decomposes weakly acidic redness and dirt on pores, rinses them away, and keeps healthy skin.

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Water and skin

The surface of the sponge swollen with plenty of water is a "water film". It acts as a barrier to the skin and does not come into direct contact with the fibers and does not scratch the skin.

* It works due to the strength of the water retention capacity of the konjac ingredient. It is safe for people with sensitive skin and babies.


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Konjac face wash sponge Komachi

raw materials

White: Konjac mannan, calcium hydroxide

Charcoal: Konjac mannan, Bincho charcoal powder, calcium hydroxide

Green tea: Konjac mannan, green tea powder, green clay, calcium hydroxide

Sakura: Ingredients: Konjac mannan, Sakura leaf extract, pink clay, calcium hydroxide


Retail price: 880 yen (tax included)

We will send a gift of a crude product to all those who answered the questionnaire at a later date.