Yotsuner for the pelvis

Tighten the pelvis and correct the posture. The massage effect loosens the muscles. Feeling like being massaged. It has a specially shaped acupressure body that supports the lower back moderately and stabilizes it neatly.


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The pelvis is in the middle of the body

The pelvis, which can be said to be the center of the body, is closely related to the lower back, and the weakness of posture and muscle strength causes the pelvis to become distorted and loosened, which has an adverse effect.

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Combination of 3 bones

The pelvis is a combination of three bones: the coccyx, the hip bone, and the sacrum. When the pelvis is distorted due to the impact of exercise, habitual bad posture, childbirth, etc., the body becomes unbalanced, walking becomes unstable, stiff shoulders occur frequently, and back pain is gradually adversely affected. I will come.

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Shiatsu body

The acupressure body, which is the most characteristic of Yotsuner, was developed by taking inspiration from the massage that the athlete actually performed. In order to maximize the effect of the acupressure body, "hardness", "shape" and "size" were calculated, and silicon rubber was used as the material. <Patent pending>

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​Recommended for people like this

・ Those who drive for a long time

・ Those who do desk work while sitting

・ Those who have difficulty climbing and descending stairs

・ People who work outdoors a lot and have a heavy back

・ Those who have a lot of waist exercise in sports

・ Postpartum female

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For Yotsuner pelvis

・ Small (Pelvic circumference 55cm ~ 78cm)
・ Medium (70cm ~ 94cm around the pelvis)
・ Large (85cm ~ 110cm around the pelvis)

* The figures are around the pelvis, not the waist.
* If the size is close to the upper limit, please select the size one level higher.


Retail price: 4,200 yen each (tax included)

We will send a gift of a crude product to all those who answered the questionnaire at a later date.