Goodbye to particulates and dust in the air High-spec filters and comfortable to wear Washable nose mask
“Mask Shell”


What is Mask Shell ..

Mask Shell is a nose mask that uses a high-spec filter that can filter out dust in the air. It prevents dust from entering the nasal cavity while breathing comfortably by wearing nasal cavity directly.

You can be wearing it without caring about your appearance.



 Case made for Mask Shell


 Portable compact case
 Removable and wearable quickly

 when needed


Pollen that flies around every year.
In addition, in recent years, particulate substance (house dust, PM2.5, etc.) that bother people.

The era that you take care of your own lung health yourself has come.


We have no choice which is “NO” wearing mask and masks have become a necessity.

Mask Shell is born to help your breathe comfortably indoors and outdoors.


Blocking dust with the three-layered filter structure

Clean air


House dust



*Image is for illustrative purposes only.
Mask Shell is not the product which prevent the entry of new coronavirus




​Mask Shell Putting on and Structure


Breathe out

Putting on Mask Shell into the nasal cavity deeply as shown in the figure
It is recommended to use a mirror to adjust the left and right sides.

Nose hair has a filtering and moisturizing effect.
Mask Shell shows dust proof effect by inserting a filter into the nasal cavity and entangling it in the nose hair.


Appearance with Mask Shell



Effective particulate substance block

Comfortable to wear

Putting on it whenever you need it

Possible to eat and drink while wearing it



“Mask shell” helps you get into the habit of abdominal and nasal breathing and boost your immune system.

Self-protection plans against new coronavirus are both “external measures” to prevent infection with mask and “internal measures” to boost the immune system and make the body more resistant to infection.
Abdominal breathing is said to be an effective way to boost the immune system, additionally nasal breathing can also be expected to increase the effectiveness.

However, even if you know that abdominal breathing and nasal breathing are effective, it is difficult to adopt them because of the breathing on your own that you have learned in a long lifestyle.
So we suggest a health method with a nasal mask to focus your attention on your nose and learn how to breathe naturally and correctly.


The basics of abdominal and nasal breathing to keep your

physical condition

1. Putting on Mask Shell and focusing your attention on your nose

2. Breathing out through your nose in your comfortable posture.

3. Breathing through your nose and counting the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 in your mind while

pushing out your belly

4. Pulling in your belly as you lift your organs and breathing out slowly (Counting 8)

through your mouth (Through your nose also OK).

5. Keeping doing 3 and 4 until relaxing
It is effective to do this frequently
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What's good about

Mask Shell is...

・Wearing it with outstanding refreshing in the extremely heat

The glasses are NOT fogging up.

Possible to make-up while wearing it

Possible to eat and drink while wearing it


Economical and effective Mask "Mask Shell"

The three-layered filter

The three-layered high-spec filter certainly catches even the small dust.


It’s safe to use it because antibacterial-finished is applied

Possible to use for 30 days

Each one can be used up to 10 times by washing with water.

Comfortable to wear

Mask Shell values soft to wear and easy to breathe.


particulate substance block

Mask Shell is actualized soft to wear and easy to breathe by cutting the filter into the

shape of a petal.

It solves the problems of make-up stain, fogging of glasses, humidity, and sultry when

using a mask.

Blocking not only particulate substance but pollen and dust.

It can be used up to 10 times by washing with water because antibacterial-finished is


Cleanness and economical

* Three in one package

スクリーンショット 2020-06-17 13.05.04.png
スクリーンショット 2020-06-17 13.05.30.png

Pinching the center of the bridge of the mask.

Inserting the filter into your nose gently

Putting on it by balancing both with your fingers while breathing through your nose.


・If you use a mirror, it will be easier to balance the left and right sides of the filter.
・It can irritate the mucous membranes of the nose because of inserting into a nasal cavity directly.

・We request that you don’t use it in case you feel itchy or painful.

・Please wash it with water and store it in the case made for it after use.


We propose you a comfortable mask life with your loving family.