Yotsuner for thighs

Many modern people are suffering from lower back problems such as "heaviness while sitting" and "difficult to walk". As a result of investigating the cause of lower back trouble, we came up with an interesting result that most of them are "psoas major muscle tension".


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​Just wrap it around your thighs

​When you are in the office, while doing household chores or doing something while driving, just wrap it around your thighs to easily relieve the tension in your psoas major muscles and make your lower back refreshed.

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Inner muscle

The psoas major muscle is deep in the body, which makes it difficult to massage alone. Yotsuner succeeded in loosening the psoas major muscle, which extends from the back of the abdomen to the base of the thigh, from the thigh.

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Line around Yotsuner →→


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Shiatsu body

The acupressure body, which is the most characteristic of Yotsuner, was developed by taking inspiration from the massage that the athlete actually performed. In order to maximize the effect of the acupressure body, "hardness", "shape" and "size" were calculated, and silicon rubber was used as the material. <Patent pending>

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​Recommended for people like this

・ Those who usually do desk work

・ Those who are forced to work remotely in an unfamiliar environment at home

・ Those who want to refresh their waist for a little relaxing time

・ People who work outdoors a lot and have a heavy back

・ Those who drive for a long time

・ People who have a hard time walking


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For Yotsuner thighs

Size: M (less than 60 cm around the thigh)

L (60 cm or more around the thigh)

Color: Black

Material: Belt part (SBR fabric)

Shiatsu body (silicon rubber)


Retail price: 4,200 yen each (tax included)

We will send a gift of a crude product to all those who answered the questionnaire at a later date.